Like a Bigfoot

The mountain conquerer has returned!!

A few months removed from finishing his 14ers Project where he summited the 100 tallest mountains in the contiguous United States, Calvin Johannsen returns to the podcast for an overdue celebration of this lofty accomplishment.

In this episode we crack open some beers, open some presents, and have a great time as Calvin shares more adventures from the road, including one so intense that it actually gave me a nightmare…as embarrassing as that is to admit as a grown man.

Enjoy the conversation as he recounts the highs and lows of solo travel, waxes poetically about how awesome it is to sleep in the back of a Prius, explains how he dealt with the post-adventure slump, and, of course, reveals about the trials and tribulations of climbing some of the most rugged mountains in the U.S. over 100 straight days.

Calvin is the master of the “Calspiration”, straightforward advice intended to push you towards being the best possible human possible, so I’m releasing this episode specifically on New Years Day for all of you guys looking to start 2017 off on the right foot.

Instead of simply making a New Year’s Resolution (and abruptly breaking it a few days later), I’m urging you to check out Calvin’s “Join 100 Club” which highlights the power of consistency in achieving your goals.  Signing up is free and by completing 100 days of your own specific habit, I promise you will see considerable amount of progress!  Personally, I’m doing 100 days of a minimum of 15 minutes of yoga to improve my flexibility and mobility (and hold myself accountable).

Whatever you decide to do with your year remember this, YOU have control over your decisions and those decisions will lead you down whatever path you choose.  This could be the path of new experiences, adventure, discipline, progress and experiencing the most out of life or it could be the path of stagnation and “same old, same old”.  I know what I’m striving for!

14ers Project Memento- Congrats Calvin from the Like a Bigfoot Tribe!

Calvin and I after a full day climbing South Maroon Peak

14ers Project Celebration Beer