Like a Bigfoot

(Photo Credit: Discovery)

On Christmas Day, 6 athletes stepped foot onto Antarctica.  Almost two weeks earlier they  pushed off from Cape Horn, the southern most point of South America, rowing in hour and a half shifts to become the first people to successfully cross the infamous Drake Passage completely man-powered.

Through sheer will, determination and positivity they conquered not only world records, but their adventure of a lifetime.  Today’s podcast is about this quest.  It’s about the formation of brotherhood, bravery in the face of extremes and the power of Mother Nature.  What it’s like to go into the ocean only to be tossed around like a rubber ducky in the world’s biggest bathtub and the lessons you learn when you come out the other side.

The team battled cold water, wind, and powerful waves that are nearly impossible to imagine.  The Drake Passage had never previously been rowed for a reason, it is beyond ferocious.  Now imagine rowing it, day after day while battling sleep deprivation and fatigue.  It is the definition of epic!

This one is unlike any adventure we have featured on this show and bringing us the story is John Petersen, a dad, a husband, an elementary principal, a former collegiate rower, and, most importantly, a guy willing to step outside his comfort zone to pursue adventure!

In this episode, John dives into all things “Impossible Row”.  What led him to Antarctica, preparations the team had to make, how he handled the hard times, and lessons he learned from each one of his accomplished shipmates (Captain Fiann Paul, Colin O’Brady, Andrew Towne, Cameron Bellamy, and Jaime Douglas-Hamilton).

There are so many lessons shared in this episode and I absolutely cannot wait for you guys to listen!! I highly suggest checking out John’s teammates (who are all very accomplished athletes in their own right) and the Discovery Channel Youtube Miniseries based on the expedition.  It will blow your mind!!


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