Like a Bigfoot

This week we are bringing back on Travis Steffen for an unparalleled six time!

Over the years I have successfully pressured Travis outside of his comfort zone to take on a variety of endurance races- an adventure race through the woods of Virginia, a mountanous 50k, and a brutally long desert 50 miler.  I’m proud to say I have convinced (tricked….) him into pushing his limits once again as he is planning his very first 100k this May.

Two and a half years ago he battled his 50 miler undertrained/unprepared and this time we are adding 12 more miles of pure type 2 fun! In this episode, we talk about how he plans to attack the race, if he is intending to learn (or not learn) from his last ultra, and what he expects to discover about himself during the event.

As always we also hit on a smorgasbord of fun topics such as: how he recovered from a devastating injury, how our football careers ended with a fizzle…or a bang if you’re talking about Travis’s achilles, moments in life when our paradigms shifted, and why we want more and more people to experience the adventure of an ultrarun!

Hope you guys enjoy the episode. I absolutely love sharing Travis stories with you guys! He’s the best!



The time he powered through 50 miles:

50 minutes on his morning routine and the story of his first marathon:


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