Like a Bigfoot

This week Ryan and Emily Wanless are back on the show straight from Alaska, the “Land of the Midnight Sun” to review their past year of ultrarunning and explain how Ryan’s plans for enduring the 350 miles of the Iditarod Trail Invitational.

Emily and Ryan are both athletes out of South Dakota who set out to take on some of the world’s toughest, fastest, and coldest races.  Last August, they traveled to Europe so Emily could take on the CCC, one of the world’s largest ultras and now they are in Alaska getting Ryan ready for his ultimate winter ultra test, enduring the legendary Iditarod course.

In this episode we catch up with both of them- We hear about the brutal mountains  of the CCC and how they affected Emily’s race, how Tuscobia 160 and Arrowhead 135 were used as tools to prepare Ryan for Alaska, what their trip up north has consisted of so far, what mental and physical obstacles Ryan is preparing for, and what tips the Iditarod veterans have shared with them.

We also talk animal furs, Moose safety, and candy filled rock climbing bags!

This episode was recorded a few days before Ryan took off and as I type this he is a few days into the adventure.  Please follow his tracker and send him positivity as he braves a wilderness some of us will only ever dream about!

Best of luck to Ryan!! Hope you guys are inspired as I am by him and Emily!! Enjoy the episode!


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