Like a Bigfoot

We are releasing a special bonus episode this week! A few weeks ago my buddy Thad Burkamper and I recorded an interview about his very first marathon for his podcast “Walk It Off- You’re Probably Fine”.  I really enjoyed the story and always love chatting with Thad so I thought I’d release it here too!

Thad is one of my friends who was supposed to meet me at the end of May for the Booneville Backroads Ultra.  As is the case with most everything right now, that race got rescheduled for next fall.  Over the last few weeks, Thad has kept busy working on house projects, building stuff for his kids, and various creative endeavors, but, with the race off the table for the time being, he really wanted to test his limits physically.

So on a random Saturday, he left his house and took off down the streets of Muscatine, Iowa.

Along the way he experienced all the ups and downs of a marathon.  He felt great, he felt terrible, he ran, he limped, he had his foot run over by his own Jurassic Park jeep…you know, the regular stuff that happens.

Hope you all enjoy!! Huge congrats to Thad as this is a huge accomplishment in any endurance journey!!


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