Like a Bigfoot

Matt Shepard is a on a quest to tackle some of the most challenging ultra running events around by taking on “Last Runner Standing” style Backyard Ultras and ridiculously long six day races.  He’s a big dreamer with some serious resilience and the ability to dig deep into the pain cave to withstand these brutally long events.

He started off with a win at OUTRUN Backyard Ultra in Alberta receiving a golden ticket to Big’s Backyard down in Tennessee where he learned a lot but didn’t quite come away with the result he (and everyone else who was not named Maggie Guetrl) was eyeing.  After that he got 2nd place at the Across the Years 6 day event running a stout 435.87 miles (yes, you read that correctly!) and has his sights set on the Canadian six day record of 870km (540.6 miles) which he will be taking on starting July 1st.

Also he ran a significant portion of Personal Peak’s Quarantine Backyard Ultra around and around and around a coffee shop!

In this episode we chat all about Matt’s journey, the lessons he has learned along the way, how he prepares to race multi day ultras, and some of the mental, physical and emotional strategies he use in order to be successful!

Hope you guys enjoy, are inspired and learn a bunch! I can’t wait to chat with him again!



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