Like a Bigfoot

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”  – Mae West

This week we are chatting all about the adventure documentary “Once is Enough” with ultrarunner, filmmaker, comedian and super awesome dude Jeffrey James Binney!!!

A few weeks ago I watched Jeffrey’s film on Amazon Prime and was captivated by his ability to capture everything I love about endurance sports- from the often hilariously weird aspects to the heartbreaking, inspiring, uplifting reasons people push themselves to the limit.  It is presented in a really unique format as it bounces back and forth from his hilarious one man show, standup routine pointing out the bizarreness of a 100 mile race to a more serious, emotional one on one interview digging into his why as you watch him transform from non-runner to ultra marathoner.

The logline for the film perfectly sums it up: “After losing his mom to obesity-caused heart disease, a 32 year old husky ginger comedian and vegan son-of-a-pig-farmer sets out to lose 100lbs and run one of the world’s most difficult 100 mile ultramarathons…and lives to tell jokes about it.”

While sitting in the hospital, Jeffrey picked up Trail Runner Magazine, read an article about Leadville 100, thought “that sounds like a good idea” and then had the boldness to go chase his dream.

The movie is phenomenal and I absolutely loved chatting with Jeffrey for the show!! Be sure to check out “Once is Enough”!! I promise you that you will love it!!



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