Like a Bigfoot

This week we are welcoming director of Olympic strength and conditioning at the University of Iowa, Bill Maxwell.

Bill is in charge of all programs at Iowa except Football and is specifically responsible for Men’s Basketball and Women and Men’s Golf.  He is a super experienced strength and conditioning coach with a wealth of knowledge.

These coaches have obviously have to be great at getting their athletes in the best physical shape possible so they must have a wealth of knowledge in physiology and how the body responds to specific workouts, but they also have to understand the best practices in motivating individuals to give it their all throughout their training.

In this episode we focus more on the leadership qualities one must possess to run a successful program.  How do you inspire a group of people with such diverse backgrounds, abilities, and intrinsic motivations in order for the team to be a success?  How do you get people to bond together in a positive way in the formation of a team?  What are various strategies that help push athletes to give it their all every single time they are asked to perform?

I’m super excited to share this episode with you guys!! We recorded about a month and a half ago through a mutual friend Cameron Dorn (who’s AWESOME) and I was really excited to geek out about leadership, Hawkeye Basketball, and athlete performance.

Hope you guys enjoy!! Huge thanks to Bill for sharing his time and knowledge!


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