Like a Bigfoot

Oh boy…this is a good one!

Let’s be honest, 2020 has been super stressful lately and for my own happiness I needed an hour or two of laughing with two of my best friends about some pointless stuff that we are way too knowledgeable about!

So this week we are sitting down with Travis Steffen and Brandon Swett, two bonafide sports movie geniuses to dive deep into all things SPORTS MOVIES!!!

Speeches, montages, underdogs, cheesy bad guys, Kevin Costners, sports movies that aren’t sports movies, this episode has it all.

In this episode Travis Steffen is taken through a gauntlet, sharing his opinions on TEN SPORTS MOVIE CATEGORIES along with a lightning round of ridiculous questions (which if you have heard Travis on the show before you can expect the slowest lightning round ever).  Though we neglect to mention a few movies (how in the world did we forget Slapshot!!!) Travis and Brandon lead us through a discussion of a bunch of the movies we love.

Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that this episode brings you as much joy as it brought me!!


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