Like a Bigfoot

This week we are chatting with someone new into the ultrarunning world Nic Chiri!!

Nic is from a small river town in southern Iowa and after years of searching for something to be really passionate about, he put on some running shoes and fell in love with the sport!

This episode is all about his journey from deciding to run a 10K, a seemingly impossible distance at the time, in 2018 to running his first 100 miler in 2020. Nic shares about how ultrarunning has changed his perspective on life, what he’s gained by stepping outside his comfort zone, and how he has benefitted in all walks of life from taking on big challenges!

He also shares the story of his first 100 miler at the Booneville Backroads Ultra in Des Moines, Iowa. It was a race in which he battled the urge to quit¬†during every step of the last 25 miles and where he ultimately realized the power of “we” as his crew helped him push through the suffering.

I truly enjoyed this episode as I saw a lot of my own passion for ultrarunning and endurance reflected in Nic’s story! I hope you guys gain some wisdom and inspiration from listening and are captivated as I was! Enjoy!




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