Like a Bigfoot

When faced with a challenge you have three options: Persist, Pivot, or Concede.

This past year has presented a seemingly endless stream of challenges. With each one we are faced with this choice. Today’s guest, Kyla Claudell, exemplifies the mindset sharpened through adventure. Always persisting and pivoting and only conceding in extreme rare circumstances.

Kyla is one of the race directors organizing the variety of experiences offered by Gemini Adventures, a wonderful company based out of Boulder, Colorado with the goal of “holding adventures most competitors wouldn’t be able to do on their own.”

In essence, she’s in the business of inspiring and supporting other people’s adventures!

I’ve known Kyla for a few years now but realized I didn’t actually know a lot about her background. I was very excited to chat about her experiences and journey into becoming an outdoorsy person and to just generally pick her mind about everything she has learned over years and years of various adventures.

In this episode we talk about why the desert is AWESOME, her philosophy when organizing events, how her and fellow race director Reid Delman work so nicely together, and their recent obsession with packrafting (amongst much much more!)

Hope you all enjoy the episode!! Kyla is awesome and is the only person in the world who has literally got me to jump off a bridge….so she’s also really good at peer pressure!! Please check out their events and support the local businesses that they work with!


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