Like a Bigfoot

(Photo Credit: Howie Stern)

This week we are chatting with Kathy Adams, an amazing human being and an ultrarunner!

Over the last few years Kathy has completed all of Candice Burt’s 200 milers- The Bigfoot 200 in Washington, Tahoe 200, and Moab 240!!!

In this episode we discuss all that it takes to complete a gigantic task like training for and running a 200 miler. She also shares stories from her races, compares the three, and talks about how she fit training into her busy life. We also chat a bit about her motivation and what inspired her to seek out these huge challenges, including her husband Ray Zahab’s multi-week expeditions across deserts and tundras (which you can hear more about by listening to episode 241 of this podcast).

Kathy also shares info about Impossible2Possible, a program created by her and Ray that brings young people all around the globe along for the expeditions both by sharing the experience in classrooms and giving opportunities for kids to actually participate in them. (Please support this EXCELLENT program!)




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