Like a Bigfoot

What happens to a person when they run 150 miles through one of hottest and most remote regions in the United States in the middle of summer? More importantly, why would anyone do it?

The DESERT RATS film aims to find out, following numerous racers as they tackle the notorious 6-day Desert RATS race along the challenging Kokopeli Trail in Utah, documenting all the blow-ups, epiphanies, lost toe nails, heat exhaustion, and hallucinations of the participants as they seek the finish line.  

This week I’m joined by my friend, fellow Desert RAT, ultrarunner and filmmaker Paul Scheuring to announce the Desert RATS Film, the big project we have been working on for the last ten months!

Paul has over twenty years of professional experience working as a writer, producer, and director, with credits such as the FOX smash TV hit Prison Break, which he created, and the Discovery miniseries Klondike, produced in winter high-country Banff.

In this episode, we talk all about what has drawn us to this race over the last three years and how it has helped us grow and process life events.

We also dive into the themes we are going to explore with the film:

  • What does hardship do for a person?
  • How does one make meaning of suffering?
  • How in the crucible of extreme endurance events, in that exceeding discomfort and pain, do we sometimes find an answer? 

I truly believe this will be something ALL endurance racers, adventurers and humans will relate to. Suffering is a very human thing that everyone will go through at some point. How can that obstacle be used as a stepping stone for us along our path?

Hope you guys enjoy the episode!!

We are asking for any support you are willing to offer on our Indiegogo Campaign (truly anything helps!)


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