Like a Bigfoot

“We don’t lack the science, information, or technology to get healthy.  We lack the art to know how to use those things properly.”

This week’s Like a Bigfoot Podcast is with the author of the upcoming book “The Art of Health Hacking” TJ Anderson.

TJ is an advocate for human optimization through continual learning, testing, and adapting your habits to chase your ideal physical, mental and emotional health.

He’s also just a really positive, life-embracing, loving dude who just oozes positivity and I had a great time chatting with him.

While some health-hacking authors focus on the nitty gritty details, TJ has embraced the idea the of differentiation- teaching a diverse group of people how to teach themselves to optimize healthy habits in a way that works for their own individual backgrounds, needs, and bodies.

What has worked for him may or may not work for you….so his book acts as an overall blueprint of HOW to pursue YOUR experience by choosing to focus on behavior change and strategies you can use on your journey to better health.  He shares strategies to help you explore new routines and guidelines how to turn the ones that create positive changes into lifelong habits.

Once again, the book is “The Art of Health Hacking” and right now TJ is looking to crowdsource the publication at

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Thanks for TJ for podcasting with me this week and thanks for you for listening! You guys rock!