Like a Bigfoot

(Photo by Scott Rokis)

This week we welcome back one of my favorite people in the world Thomas Mullins!

Thomas is an excellent ultrarunner and adventurer who has taught me more about the sport than anyone else. He is a wealth of knowledge and always seems so cool and collected during these epic adventures.

As a multitime 200 miler finisher it was really interesting to get his perspective on the newly created Cocodona 250. The race seems like an absolute beast that takes runners 250 miles through the rugged deserts and mountains of Arizona. With a stoic sense of relentless forward progress, Thomas battled his way through what seems like an extremely difficult¬†beginning 60 miles, possible ufo sightings (that’s a first for the show!), running out of water and brief battles of negative self talk.

He is a huge proponent of slowing down and taking inventory during these big adventures and this episode highlights how that strategy pays off big time!!

It’s hard to express how much I appreciate¬†this dude! I’m so glad our paths crossed! Much love buddy!

Hope you enjoy this episode!!