Like a Bigfoot

This week Brady Manriquez and Travis Steffen are back on the show to discuss their experiences in the Monument Valley Ultras.

Brady finished off his very first half marathon, 13.1 beautiful miles running through the desert.  A culmination of a year long discovery of running.  He recaps his strategy to deal with the pre-race jitters, how he handled running in the sand, and the importance of embracing happiness and rolling with the punches.  The race ended with a bunch of letters from friends and family and a finish with a great time!

Travis’s story is probably one of the most unique race reports of ALL TIME!  The dude terminatored his way through a 50 mile race on pretty much ZERO training because he wanted to experience pain and misery in an attempt to see how much he can withstand physically, mentally and emotionally.  The last few hours, he dug deep as he trekked through rain, wind, and darkness in only a soaking wet t-shirt and some running shorts.

We dig deep into Travis’s mindset during the race.  How can we grow by purposely seeking out hardships?  What do you learn about yourself when you are stripped of all common comforts and put through the ringer?  Why do we crave pushing the limits?  Whereas a lot of trail runners treat the experience as a social one, Travis really craved an individual quest, observing his inner emotional struggles while the miles went by.

It’s a crazy story!

Also…..before recording this episode I would have been 100% sure that no one in history had used a mantra that is also a title of a Nic Cage film to finish an endurance event….

Congrats to both these guys! Glad I got to experience an amazing event with my family and two of my favorite people in the world!

If you want to have an awesome adventure in the beautiful southwest, I highly suggest checking out the race series put on by Ultra Adventures.  Zion, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and a bunch more.  I will for sure be participating in more in the future.

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