Like a Bigfoot

I’m stoked to share this week’s episode!  An academic, a scholar, a….a…..a super smart dude.  Professor Jake Reed!!

Jake is one of my oldest friends and has recently become a Professor of Strength & Conditioning and Physiology of Exercise at the University of Northern Iowa.  He’s also a Sports Scientist working with the U.S.A. Women’s Rugby team and a sport performance consultant for Renaissance Periodization.  Previously, he worked as a sports scientist for the Texas A & M Football team and pulled double duty at Eastern Tennessee State as their head rugby coach and strength coach for the university’s volleyball team.

He also hikes, goes fishing, strength trains, brews beer, and grows one fantastically manly beard.

Jake is a fascinating person and is hands down the hardest worker I have ever met . He sets big time goals and pursues them with intention, intelligence, and unrelenting energy.

I’ve been so inspired by his journey to get his PhD and am enthralled by all the areas of sports he has dipped his toes in.

In this episode we chat about lessons he’s learned as a strength and conditioning coach, his triathlon training plans, basic beliefs about strength training, how he analyzes sports science data and how to develop the best athletes possible….oh yeah and his amazing, big-enough-to-be-a-bird-house BEARD!!


(P.S.- Jake had no current pictures of said beard but I saw it over Skype and I gotta say…it’s real and it’s spectacular!)

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