Like a Bigfoot

This week I’m excited to share a conversation with Adam Jones.  Adam is the owner of The Brick, a running store in downtown Danville, Virginia.  He and the store have become key in Danville residents rediscovering and reclaiming their fitness.  Through opening the store and organizing a variety of different meet-ups, clubs, challenges, and races, Adam really is essential in changing his community for the better and has helped lead many people to healthier, happier lives.

Seeing first hand the running community he’s been able to establish has been inspiring and, honestly, makes me hopeful for Danville, a town I really miss and think about often.

In this episode, Adam shares his story.  How did he discover his love of running?  Why did he start the business?  How did he handle making a leap of faith?  How does he approach the challenges of entrepreneurship?  What incredible stories has he witnessed through starting the store?  How does he nurture the running community in Danville and what events are he most proud of?

I hope you guys enjoy this episode as much as I did!  If you’re ever in southern Virginia be sure to head into Danville and check out the Brick, I promise you’ll be as impressed as me with what Adam has been able to do with it these previous 5 years!


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