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Get ready for one of my favorite episodes so far!  I left this conversation literally fist pumping in excitement and reinvigorated for life!

Bruce Kittle is one of the most motivational, positive people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  He’s worn many different hats throughout his career- athlete, football coach, minister, lawyer- and, because he has experienced such variety, he is full of wisdom.

Bruce shares his “Open Windows” life philosophy and helps clarify how we all can recognize and seize the opportunities life throws at us.  We also discuss how he self reflects in order to live his life with integrity and in-line with his core values.

If you want to hear more, check out his awesome blog at, it truly is excellent writing.

Through athletics, coaching, and his general mission of positivity, Bruce is a positive role model I’ve always admired.  I’m so glad we reconnected and will always be grateful in the lessons he has taught me.  Hope you enjoy and learn some as well!

P.S.- If you enjoy Iowa Hawkeye Athletics, get this, in his college career Bruce played football for hall of fame coach Hayden Fry AND wrestled for the greatest wrestler of all time Dan Gable!!! No wonder he has so much knowledge to share!

P.P.S.- Bruce is also the father of a previous guest George Kittle.  Quick George Update- he kicked butt in the NFL combine, was picked in the 5th round by the San Francisco 49ers, and scored his first professional TD against the Broncos a few weeks ago.  Super proud of George and if you listened to that episode you would see how much his dad means to him.

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