Like a Bigfoot

Nepal Treks, Ultramarathons, running miles and miles in the Sahara Desert, Iceland stage races, all on this week’s episode!  Hope that got your attention…

Do you remember meeting your first adventurer?  The first person who expanded your mind making you understand that the world is HUGE and filled with endless possibilities for adventure?

For me that person was my cousin Susan Nowell.  When I was in elementary school I vividly remember listening as she shared her experience trekking in Nepal.  Her pictures were so exciting and bizarre to me; they showed a brand new world of ginormous mountains and an exotic culture.  Of course I had seen places like this on TV, but I would have never guessed that someone I actually KNEW was basically, in  my eyes, a real life Indiana Jones!

Through the years following, Susan has introduced me to the concept of ultra running,  ran hundreds of miles through the Sahara Desert, became an honorary Italian for awhile, written for Trail Running Magazine, became a proponent for stage races in beautiful parts of the world, helped thousands of people with her physical therapy, and most of all stayed an adventurer and a diligent athlete.

I’m beyond excited whenever I get to discuss all things adventure, running, exercise and recovery with her and am really happy that I started this podcast so I have an excuse to have more conversations with the most empowering people in my life!