Like a Bigfoot

How would you live your life if you had absolutely no fear holding you back?

This week’s Like a Bigfoot Podcast is a sit down conversation with the owner of Feral Mountain Co. Jimmy Funkhouser.  Feral is my absolute favorite outdoor shop in Denver and Jimmy’s story is incredibly energizing.

On New Year’s Eve 2016, Jimmy committed to living a “Year Without Fear”.   He promptly quit his corporate job of 10 years and within three months Feral was up and running.

Feral is a unique store.  It’s very community driven with everything supporting Jimmy’s mission of connecting people to wild places.  Outdoor adventures have had such a positive impact on his life, his passion is to “create adventure” all through his community.

So Feral has become much more than a shop.  There are outdoor movie nights, organized group hikes, 14er climbs, and even a couple hammocks to relax in out front.  He’s forged a very inviting community encouraging everyone to get outside and explore.

In this episode Jimmy shares the challenges faced during a major stepping outside your comfort zone, how his very first hiking trip has influenced the rest of his life, why conservation and wild places mean so much for him and how we can help our public lands, and how he aligned his personal purpose and passions with the mission of Feral Mountain Co.

If you’re in the Denver area or just driving through on your way up to the mountains I highly suggest the two minute detour off I-70 to load up on adventure supplies and gear from Feral. They rent all sorts of camping equipment for those of you flying to Denver who want to explore but couldn’t ship out all your camping gear.  Chat with Jimmy or the other folks working there for recommendations for all the insanely beautiful places Colorado has to offer.

Also the store has, hands down, the most badass logo I’ve seen!

Thanks Jimmy for taking time from the busyness of running a store to chat with me for the show. What you have created is fearless, inspiring and I hope our listeners take away as much motivation from you as I did!






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