Like a Bigfoot

Show up.  Be consistent.  Be persistent.  Get shit done.

I keep talking about goal setting, hard work, the obstacle being the way, and the PROCESS of achievement.

But I feel as if, through my writing, I haven’t fully connected  to my own goals.  My bad.  I will get better I promise.  (Part of the beauty of being consistent- You slowly but surely get better!)

So here are my current goals:

  1. Write every single day (whether this is a paragraph or thousands of words).  The plan is to write, write, write.  And SHARE MY WRITING (the scary part….my resistance).
  2.  Gratitude Journal– Jot down three things I’m grateful as soon as I wake up.  AND extend this idea into family dinners.  Ask wife and daughter “What are we grateful for tonight?”
  3. At least 15 Minutes of Yoga nightly- When I’m in a good yoga routine I feel like Superman!  It calms me down, helps my muscles recover and creates even more strength.  I think every single person in the world should practice at least 15 minutes of daily yoga.  I did awesome at this for about a year but have recently fallen off the wagon.  Time to get back on!

These goals will challenge me.  They will take HARD WORK to accomplish.  There will be mornings when I don’t feel like writing (like right now) and there will be nights when I just want to skip yoga and go straight to bed (probably tonight).

Trust the process.  Understand that the more you do something, the more likely that something will become a habit.  You may not see improvement right away, but the act of DOING SOMETHING eventually transforms into the results you wanted to see in the first place.

Don’t have a goal?  Forming goals comes down to this simple statement:

  • What good habits do you want to form?  What bad habits do you want to break?

Figure out the answer to those questions and you got yourself the beginning of a goal.

Then, you have to figure out how to make the goal specific:

  • Instead of “lose weight” say “lose 10 pounds in the next two months.”
  • Instead of “write more” say “write every single morning at 5:30 am.”
  • Instead of “learn guitar” say “learn how to play ___________ song in the next two weeks.”

You get the point.  The more clarity you can apply the easier it will be.

And lastly, WRITE THE GOAL DOWN.  Post it around your house.  Literally see the goal every single day.

My friend writes his goals on his bathroom mirror in dry erase marker.  He sees his goal every morning when he brushes his teeth.  It’s a clear reminder of what he is meant to accomplish.

That’s all for today folks.  See I didn’t want to write initially and ended up writing a good little post!  Just the act of sitting down and being consistent ended with me accomplishing my daily goal. Yay!

Thanks for reading!  Go get ’em!