Like a Bigfoot

Over the last few years Courtney Dauwalter has exploded onto the ultrarunning scene with legendary performance after legendary performance.  She won the Moab 240 outright by over 10 hours, she set the second fastest time in women’s history while winning Western States 100, she endured a 4 mile loop over and over again for 67 hours chalking up 279.2 miles in the insanity that is Big’s Backyard Ultra, she even got first in a 100 mile race after losing her eyesight for the last ten miles.  And those are only a few adventures from her life of racing!

In this episode, we focus on Courtney’s mindset.  How does she endure the massive amount of pain and struggle that comes along with ultrarunning?  How does she stay positive and silence self doubts?  How does her positive outlook and relaxed demeanor bring about her success?

(I was also super psyched to chat with her because up until a few years ago Courtney was a middle school science teacher, and, as a middle school science teacher, ….respect!)

I really enjoyed this episode and I think you will too!  The biggest thing I took away was how her positive go with the flow spirit allows her to fearlessly pursue all the various opportunities that come her way.




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