Like a Bigfoot

If you are like me and in the weird zone between accomplishing a goal and declaring a new one, then you probably look online for inspiration.

While spinning my wheels I usually look to youtube for awesome content to get me inspired.

Here are three youtube videos to quench your thirst for badass endurance sports.

WESTERN TIME- By Bill Yang who has some of the  best ultrarunner short films online.  This is about Sally McCrae’s attempt at Western States two years ago.  Western States is known as “the Super Bowl of Ultras” and film is a great representation of the event.

FAST FORWARD- Lael Wilcox’s attempt on setting the female record mountain biking the Arizona Trail.  A self-supported bike ride which takes days to traverse through the state.

BLIND SOCCER IN COLOBMIA- This is actually part of a film series called American Futbol produced by a close friend of mine Petar Madjarac.  So far this is my favorite episode.  It explores the love of soccer through blind soccer players in Colombia.  Very inspirational!