Like a Bigfoot

Picture from my first visit to Grayson Highlands- Summer 2013- Studly dude= Jake Reed

One week out from the Grayson Highlands 50k and I’m finally falling into my plan of attack.

Usually I get really focused on diet about a month before a race, but for whatever reason I have not nailed this aspect of training this time.  I’m curious to see if this comes back to bite me on the ass.

But for this last week and a half I’m on track!  I promise.  (Even though I’m going to D.C. this weekend where I’m assuming delicious not-so-healthy-food exists on every corner)

Here’s the plan for the next week and a half:

  • Thursday (today): Eat clean whole foods, run 4 miles, light squats and pullups
  • Friday:  Eat clean whole foods, run 6 miles, various body weight movement exercises
  • Saturday: Rest day, wander around the national zoo in D.C, eat salads (or something lame instead of all the junk I’d rather have), 15 minutes of yoga
  • Sunday: Eat a big beautiful brunch, find an awesome trail to hike/run on the way home from D.C.   (I’m driving back by myself while my wife and daughter vacation for a few extra days), recovery yoga
  • Monday: Eat clean whole foods, light squats and pullups, 4 mile trail run at a SLOW pace
  • Tuesday: Resist the temptation to consume ALL THE PIZZA and eat an omelet or something boring, 5 miles on flat pavement to keep the legs loose, body weight movements
  • Wednesday: No more running, recovery yoga, eat a GIANT MEAL of healthy food
  • Thursday: Pick up the man, the myth, the legend Travis Steffen (who is running his first Ultra with me) and proceed to carbo load and consume a crap-ton of pasta and bread
  • Friday: Move just enough to keep the body loose, drive to Grayson Highlands, look at the wild ponies
  • Saturday: Race day!!!!  I’ll write more this week on the advice I’m giving Travis before his first 50k.

After looking at the game plan, it seems that I have plenty of time.  Looking forward to dominating this week in order to have a successful race day!  Happy Thursday!