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My Next Race

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I keep hammering the idea of “having something to train for.”  Signing up for some event that gives your workouts purpose.

My last race was in April and all summer I’ve felt as if I was simply treading water.  Aimlessly wandering from workout to workout.

Hopefully that’s over!

Along with a  couple buddies who I’ve convinced to race with me, I’ve signed up for my next Ultra.  Next March we will travel to Monument Valley for the Monument Valley Ultra.

It has been two days since I signed up and I am already feeling more purposeful and, although I won’t start seriously training until November or December, my workouts have already felt better.

Can’t wait!

Also, I am recommitting myself to blogging and training for this race will give me something to write about.


  1. Way to go! I am also signed up for the 50k this coming March. My wife Jenny is running the “Heavy half marathon” and we can’t wait for the early spring. Training for the race will surround our lives for the next few months, we wish you the best of luck….. it will be amazing “relentless forward progress” along with an old photo of John Wayne looking across MV from the movie “The Searches” greets me every morning. I wish you health and Godspeed…. see you in March

    • admin

      November 27, 2016 at 7:56 pm

      That’s awesome! 50k is easily my favorite distance…but I decided I wanted to suffer more and slog my way through 50 miles ha ha. Is this your first one? My best advice: Throughout the day, just get as much time on your feet as possible! Also I talked to a guy a few weeks ago who did Monument Valley two years ago and he mentioned bringing something to cover your face in case its windy and the sand is blowing.

      Excited for the race! Maybe we can get a beer afterwards (post ultra beers are the best beers!)

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