Like a Bigfoot

Sunday: Left Danville, VA with my cat.  Drove to Charleston, West Virginia.

Monday: Drove 9 hours to my cousin’s house in Jefferson City, Missouri.  9 mile trail run around Binder Lake…saw the biggest rat snake I’ve ever seen.  Terrifying.

Tuesday: Drove 11 hours across the wildly entertaining Kansas landscape to my new home in Arvada, Colorado.  Received plenty of hugs from my two year old daughter and gave my one month old a bunch of kisses.  Spent the afternoon carrying all of our heavy s*** up the stairs.  Oh yeah, the cat made it without completely losing his mind.

Wednesday: Unpacked.  Ugh.

Thursday: Ran around the town of Arvada to begin to familiarize myself.  Took my daughter up to North Mountain.  She hiked the whole one mile up to the Golden Cliffs with her stuffed deer before I carried her down.

Friday:  8.5 mile trail run around North Table Mountain.  Holy crap this is only 15 minutes from my apartment!!! Awesome!  Took my daughters and wife on a hike to Lair O’ the Bear park.  It was Zoe’s first hike…proud dad!

Saturday: Ran on Ralston Creek paved trail through Arvada.  Sadly spent the morning watching Iowa lose…bummer.