Like a Bigfoot

This week I’m very excited to welcome ultra runner and writer Cory Reese to the podcast.

First of all, Cory recently finished running a 100 miler on the deck of a cruse ship!  That’s 16 laps per mile- 1,600 laps around and around and around the same teeny tiny track, fueling on an endless supply from the ice cream machine as he took on some self-imposed suffering.  All the while overlooking people lounging around at the pool.

Just had to get that out there! I cannot even begin to wrap my head around a 100 miler, let alone one on a cruise ship…. Insanity!

Cory is one of my favorite writers in the sport of ultrarunning.  His first book “Nowhere Near First” is one of the absolute best views of this crazy sport from a “regular”, non-elite, perspective.  Most of us are not elite athletes and Cory fully represents the spirit of why an everyday person participates in something so seemingly bizarre as running for hours and hours through the woods (or on a cruise ship).

He comes across as a “regular” dude, but his mindset is anything but.  Regular people don’t step up to the challenge of Badwater, a 135 mile run through Death Valley in July.  Cory did.  We get into why and how he took this on a bit in the show.

He recently wrote about his experience and all the craziness of Badwater in his upcoming book “Into the Furnace” which you can (and should) pre-order now by checking out his Kickstarter campaign linked below.

Cory also has a hilarious blog (which my computer annoyingly wants to correct to “factory”) and can be found running on his hometown trails of Zion National Park.

Enjoy the show! Thanks for chatting Cory!



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