Like a Bigfoot

Be aware of the fuel you are putting in your body.

Are you getting enough?  Too much?  The right kind?

Is it the right fuel to help you accomplish your athletic goals?

One thing that has always bugged me was the idea of “you run a bunch so you can eat whatever you want!”

That is completely wrong.  Trust me I’ve tried.  When I run a bunch AND eat like crap my body hurts…badly.  When I run a bunch and eat a clean and healthy diet my body feels damn good!

Right now I’m in the down time between big race #1 and training for big race #2 (the serious training starts in March) and this weekend I let myself gorge on birthday cake, oatmeal cream pies, chips and dip, french fries, and pizza.  At the time it was wonderful and I’m a big proponent in not being unbelievably strict ALL THE TIME (helps keep the sanity).

But, as a result I feel really sluggish this morning.  If I continued down the route of “eat whatever the hell you want” then workouts will be more challenging, I will wake up much more sore, and I will probably get sick a lot easier.

So while I’m training hard it’s actually EASIER to eat healthy because I know my body needs FUEL.