Like a Bigfoot

My mom just got back from mountain biking in Moab.  My dad is about to embark on a 6 week road trip to Alaska.  One of my best friends is three days into his quest to hike 75 mountains in 75 days (  Another best friend has lost a bunch of weight being consistent and persistent in his running and diet.  I have a cousin who is 2 months away from a multi day stage race in Iceland (  My wife is finishing her 3 year medical residency (really an 11 year grind).  And there’s probably hundreds of other people in my life doing amazing things!

Last summer I turned to the Iron Cowboy for my daily inspiration as he completed 50 ironmans in 50 states in 50 days.  To find this year’s motivation I have to look no further than the people closest to me.  That’s quite incredible.  I don’t think everyone is able to say that.

So today I want to express gratitude for everyone in my life who is out there accomplishing their dreams, striving to make themselves better, and exploring this beautiful world.

I’m a lucky man to have these adventurers in my life.  I’ve been raised to love the outdoors, to seek exploration, and to realize the importance of seeking life journeys.  I am surrounded by people whom I care about who share the same ideals.  You guys all inspire me to be a better person and to reach higher than I thought possible.

Thank you so much for the joy you bring.