Like a Bigfoot

Day 1: 

My throats a little itchy…My 2 year old has been feverish for four days…I stayed home with her, sat by her, took care of her while she was coughing in my face, blowing snot rockets, and wiping her nose on my arm.

I won’t catch it though.  I’m indestructible.  Lets go on a run!

Wow what a beautiful run!  A little slower than normal…but that’s cause I was taking in the beauty of Asheville…right?  A couple coughing fits…no biggie.

Ok tomorrow morning I’ll do my long run at 5am.

Day 2:

5am alarm.  I could always use a day off.  Alright rest day today, long run tomorrow.  My throats a little sore…weird?

10am.  Cough, cough.  Maybe its allergies.

11am.  Yay my daughter’s fever is gone!!!  Good for her.  I’m glad this household is finally done being sick.

Noon.  Holy shit….I feel lightheaded.

1pm.  Yup….I have a fever now.

5pm.  Alright the fevers gone! Maybe it was only a quick sickness (contrary to it taking 6 days for my daughter to get over).

6pm. Long run tomorrow!!!  Better set my alarm.

10pm.  F*** the fevers back.

Day 3

Well I’m now in a pile of my own sweat, shaking profusely.  Looks like rest day #2! That’s cool my body probably needs it.  I’ve been pushing pretty hard this summer.

Lets just watch movies on the couch all day!

Day 4

Alright this has to be the last day of this fever.  Oh my god…its still there!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Ok, calm down, you got this.  More movies??? scroll through Netflix, HBO, Youtube….shit I’ll even scroll through Vimeo.

Nothing.  Nothing I want to watch.

Put on my favorite race day “Table Rock Ultra” shirt to feel better as I wallow in my own virus-infected bodily fluids….