Like a Bigfoot

Imagine heading out your door pedaling west and returning, years later, from the east covering each and every mile around the entire planet under your own power.  That is exactly what this week’s guest is planning on doing through a life-defining, thought provoking, mindset expanding quest to “Pedal Round the World.”

Paul Spencer is in the midst of planning what has to be one of the biggest challenges a person could possibly take on- a self propelled circumnavigation of the globe using his bicycle and a beautifully designed pedal boat.

Inspired by adventurers Jason Lewis and Erden Eruc and wanting to deeply explore the world and his own psyche through 50,000 miles in this honest-to-goodness adventure odyssey.  Paul is a cyclist, endurance athlete and an adventurer who has taken on gigantic challenges in his career- cycled across Africa, finished the Leadman challenge, four crossings of the U.S. by bike, Tour Divide, Colorado Trail Race- just to include a few.

In this episode we chat all about his plan to pedal round the world, what his expectations are, the factors he’s had to consider to prepare for the long ocean crossings.  We also geek out about Jason Lewis’s “The Expedition” books, chat about Paul’s rugby career, beer miles, what it’s like to cycle with a Malaria infection, and what he’s discovered about himself through travel and endurance.

It’s an AWESOME episode and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.  Definitely check out his website and social media to support and follow along with his journey!







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