Like a Bigfoot

Adventure. I need this, you need this. It’s a need that runs through our blood as humans. The need to explore and to experience the unknown in order to somehow, someway attempt to uncomplicated this complicated world. Adventure helps form purpose, it brings exhilaration, it opens our eyes to the world we inhabit.

This week’s guest is the embodiment of the modern day adventurer.

Adam Shoalts is a Canadian explorer, a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, a best selling author, a geographer and historian, and a dude who can put up with more horseflies and mosquitos than you or I could possibly imagine.

In 2017 he completed a near solo 4,000 km journey across Canada’s  Arctic, a wilderness that my childhood self has found fastened tightly to my concept of true adventure. Throughout his documentary “Alone Across the Arctic”, Adam captured all of his ups and downs, miles and miles of portages (pulling a canoe through thick woods and marshes) and allowed us to experience the adventure alongside of him.

The resilience, sheer stubbornness, and untarnished love for exploration that is required to finish a task this great is expertly captured in his film and I was blown away by it!

I am really grateful to get to chat with Adam this week and I hope you guys love the episode as much as I did!!




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