Like a Bigfoot

Super stoked this week to catch up with one of my favorite returning guests Candice Burt.

Candice is the race director of a few teeny tiny events……oh wait, she puts together extremely mind boggling 200 mile races??…..excuse me, did you say TWO HUNDRED FREAKING MILE RACES!!

Through her company Destination Trails she has established the Tahoe 200, Bigfoot 200, and the Moab 240 as some of the most exciting events in the ultrarunning community.  These races are quickly rising in their popularity and have completely captured my imagination.  The adventures, insane obstacles, beautiful views, brief touches with insanity each participant must go through over the course of 4 days in the wilderness has to be simply amazing!

On top of her hours and hours of exploring, route finding, and organizing these events, Candice also finds time to be a highly accomplished ultra runner.  Previously she has kicked some serious butt at events like Zion ultras, Cascade Crest, and multiple trips to the HURT 100.

In this episode we chat about her experience running HURT 100 (one of the more challenging 100s) a few weeks ago.  What caused her to DNF and why is it important for future events for her to be so open about not reaching her own expectations?  We also touch upon the most bizarre ultrarunning mid-race obstacle of all time- a text alert alarming all of Hawaii that a ballistic missile was headed there way.  

Candice also shares some wonderful stories from the past year of putting on her 200 mile events.

I know you guys will enjoy this week’s show!  Candice is awesome and we wish her the absolute best in growing her 200 mile ultra adventures!!!




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