Like a Bigfoot

Mikah Meyer is on a journey of a lifetime.

He’s taking on a road trip that is bringing him to all corners of the country and he is checking off all of the 417 National Parks managed sites along the way.  As he’s traveled over the last few years his project has transformed as he’s discovered a bigger purpose; increasing the LGBT inclusion in the outdoor industry.

Mikah’s story is beyond inspiring.  Through his father’s passing, he learned that “Tomorrow is not guaranteed; only today is. So take to the road and experience your dream journeys–now. Life is too short to wait.

In this episode we mainly focus on the emotional origin of his journey, why road trips are transformative and how they can begin the healing process?

Mikah also shares what this has taught him about our country, what are the NPS sites beyond just the 59 National Parks, which ones have been his favorite so far, the highs and lows of such an epic quest, and his philosophy of incorporating a “retirement year” into every 5 years of your life.

I had a wonderful time chatting with Mikah and really encourage you to follow his journey.  You can find his wonderfully written blogs on his website at and you can also follow him on Instagram by searching Mikah Meyer!

I hope this episode encourages you to step outside your comfort zone and start seeing, doing and chasing the dreams you’ve always wanted to chase!





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