Like a Bigfoot

Desert RATS.

It’s the race that I’ve completely been enamored by over the last two years.  The race that has taught me so much.

Why would any sane person want to run 140ish miles through the desert in June??

To push beyond self doubt to discover what your actually capable of?  To process life events, tragedies, joys?  To experience the solitary nature of the desert?  To explore areas unknown and discover “what’s around that corner?”  To enjoy a community of likeminded people and be reminded of the goodness of humanity?  To simply camp, get messy, bathe in rivers, smell of campfire smoke and body odor and avoid any semblance of the everyday?

For me, it is all of that and more.

Why we come to Desert RATS and what the experience teaches us is difficult to put down on words.  Only to say it’s special and you change.  It’s not just one factor that affects you.  It’s the people you experience it with, the places you see, the hardships you overcome and the moments in time when you are alone in the wilds, with no distractions, to hear and understand yourself at the most primal level.

Hope you guys enjoy today’s show! Phil Pinti and I sit down with my good friend Brady Manriquez to recount, recollect, and to unfold the saga that was this year’s Desert RATS.  It’s a long one, it’s a good one, and I really enjoyed recording this show!

Huge thanks to Gemini Adventures, our fellow nine runners who were all completely inspiring and wonderful, and to the crew who truly make this event exceptional.

If you’re interested in next year’s event, Gemini Adventures is giving 25% off (which would save you a significant amount of money) if you use the code: WARD.

(Usually I don’t advertise on the podcast but I think after listening you will understand that I’m all in on helping others discover this event and in turn an amazing adventure in the desert)


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