Like a Bigfoot

This week we are bringing you tales from my fellow Desert RATS racers and crew members for our final podcast about this year’s Kokopelli Stage Race!

I was lucky enough to share my time in the desert with these absolutely incredible people and I am honored to be able to share their experiences with all of you.  In this episode, runners Kayla Howell, Morgan Hall, Laurie Miller, and Theresa Zordan unfold all the highs and lows from their own desert journeys as we try to really pinpoint what the race so special.  Meanwhile, Gemini Adventures race director and race liaison Reid Delman and Kyla Claudell discuss what made this year’s event unique, what they get out of putting it on, and the adventures they have had through the 16 years of Desert RATS.

Hope you guys enjoy this episode as much as I did!!

To everyone involved in the race this year- thank you, thank you, thank you!! My time in the desert meant more than I can possibly express (even with nearly 4 hours of podcast about it ha ha ha!!)

Also if you’re interested in the event you can register at Ultrasignup (link below) and type in the code WARD for 25% off!! Get ’em!


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