Like a Bigfoot

This week we are celebrating three years of the Like a Bigfoot Podcast!!

In September 2016 I was a stay at home dad with two of my kiddos, a 2 year old and a newborn.  I knew I needed some sort of creative outlet to work on each and every week (and an excuse to chat with grownups!), I had a handful of friends who had some incredible stories, and as a huge podcast fan I had always wanted to start one myself.

It was nerve wracking, there was a lot of self doubt, but I pulled the trigger and committed to posting one a week for a year and just see where it went from there.

Through consistent action and not striving for perfection but instead looking for improvement, the show has grew and all of a sudden I was not only interviewing my friends but I was talking with some incredible athletes and super awesome people.  People who I didn’t know were sending me messages about how much they enjoyed the show, I was going for runs with some of the folks I had previously interviewed, and the podcast was helping me grow as a person through these weekly conversations.

All of a sudden this fun passion project was engrained in my life.  And I am so thankful it is.

And I am so grateful for you guys for dropping in and listening or choosing a show of ours once in a while or tuning in to a friend who I’ve interviewed or binging every single one.  However you stumbled across this little passion project, I just wanted to say “thank you”, I hope you’ve received as much inspiration from our incredible Like a Bigfoot tribe as I have and I sincerely hope it’s added some sort of goodness to your life.

After all, shouldn’t spreading goodness be something we all strive for?

Much love



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