Like a Bigfoot

In this episode we are reconnecting with our friend Phil Pinti as he prepares for two big races- the Yeti 100 (his first 100 miler) and the inaugural Marine Corps Marathon 50k (which I’m flying out to run with him).

Phil is a few weeks ago from the Yeti 100, a hugely popular race in Virginia.  We chat about how he’s preparing, his expectations going into the race, and what strategies he is going to use in order to survive and endure all those miles.

As always when talking with Phil, our conversation meanders in and out of all sorts of topics.  Through this winding road, we stumbled upon the issue of our own cell phone use.  In short, we are exposing ourselves to way too much screen time.  Ultimately, this distraction is keeping us from connecting to the present moment, to being truly focused on what’s most important, acting in a conscious way versus a “zombie mode”.  Steering the ship rather than letting the winds blow us wherever.

We dubbed this challenge the “Right Fielder” challenge.  (Listen to the show to find out why!)  We are going to make an attempt at keeping our cell phone screen time to less than one hour a day, with an emphasis on limiting our social media time.

Feel free to join us!! We’re basically just texting each other screenshots of our “screen time” app.  I’m not really sure how we could turn this into a thing multiple people engage in so if you have any ideas email them to!  We’ll get this thing rolling!!

Thanks for chatting Phil! Always a great time!

Hope you guys enjoy the show!!



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