Like a Bigfoot

On this week’s episode we are chatting all about the epic Tahoe 200 mile endurance race with my friend Thomas Mullins!

I was recently asked to think about a person I look up to and have great respect for.  Instantly my answer was Thomas.  This is a guy who shows up, gets the work done, is incredibly driven to accomplish great things all while never forgetting the real important part of life, how we give to others and help them along the way.

Thomas and I met at Desert RATS 2018 and ran quite a bit of the course together.  As an ultra runner he has the most incredible focus and stoic nature.  He sticks to his plan throughout these long events while also displaying the adaptability needed to survive weather changes, severe heat and other things that could possibly go wrong.  I’ve learned more from him than anyone else in endurance sports and really look up to the guy!

Having recently finished the Tahoe 200, a Destination Trails race that circumnavigates Lake Tahoe, Thomas joins us to chat all about this incredible event!  Over the course of 205 miles, he persevered through a snowstorm, was attacked by bees, and experienced beautiful sunrises and sunsets over this beautiful wilderness.  In this episode we get to hear how he prepared for this race with no long runs over 4.5 hours, how he focused on showing up to the start line healthy, and what his strategy was for the race days.

My favorite part of the show was chatting about what he discovers about himself and what he is ultimately chasing by testing his limits.

I’m very impressed with him as a person and as an ultra runner and am so very excited to share this with you today!




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