Like a Bigfoot

This week I am very excited to bring you an episode with Emma Kittle and her dad Bruce Kittle!!

In this episode we chat all about athletic performance, the power of using alter egos, why we need to shoot for the sun and melt our wings of wax, how to combat our own limiting beliefs, and we share some stories from hiking the Colorado 14ers!

Emma and Bruce are the founders of Thunderbird Performance which is a high level training approach “to mental, physical and spiritual coaching, using yoga, movement, and mindfulness, to help athletes become the very best version of themselves they can be;  freeing them to compete at the highest levels.” Their approach is focused on helping athletes grow into the best versions of themselves by letting go of their limiting beliefs!

As a family they have also started hosting a podcast called “Hidden Pearls Podcast” with George Kittle (who has become one of the most dominating, hardworking and charismatic players in the NFL). This podcast is a wonderful show each week highlighting a different Nonprofit with the goal of “sharing the untold stories of the people and communities impacted by social and environmental injustice.”

Personally, I just love listening to these two geek out about the mindset of high performance (in both life and athletics).  Bruce and Emma can drop so many knowledge bombs on you for an entirety of a conversation that you are just scrambling to write it all down!

Hope you guys enjoy and learn as much from the episode as I did!!



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