Like a Bigfoot

Adapt. That’s what we as athletes and humans do.

When life throws us obstacles we transform to meet them head on.

Today’s guest exemplifies this. In 2014, Sherown Campbell, a lifelong athlete, father, and all around incredible human being, was paralyzed from the shoulders down. The injury classified him as a quadriplegic.

The years following have seen Sherown persistently and patiently taking on his recovery one day at a time. Where he is now is an absolute inspiration- consistently working out to regain as much mobility and movement as possible.  His persistence and positive mindset has helped him reach huge goals such as climbing the iconic Manitou Incline in Colorado Springs (2,000 feet of elevation in 1 mile).

In this episode we chat about the athletic mindset and how Sherown has applied that throughout his recovery, the power his kids brings to his life, what it was like to take on the Manitou Incline and he teaches us an majorly important lesson about the “gift of presence.”

I was absolutely blown away by this conversation and am very excited to share it and Sherown’s wisdom to all of you! Hope you all enjoy!

Also a huge thanks to Tim Barr, my cohost for this podcast.  Tim is an absolute beast of an ultra runner and it was really fun to chat with Sherown with him to see the parallels between athletes, fathers, and good humans!



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