Like a Bigfoot

As we reflect on this past year we should all be immensely proud at the sheer humanity discovered in digging deep and pushing through. 2020 really tested our fortitude and patience as we, in the wise words of my buddy Paul Scheuring, “perpetually soldiered on despite the unknown.”

Here’s to you for enduring 2020 and all its ups and downs, twists and turns, good times and bad. You were strong, resilient, adaptable, worthwhile, all the while withstanding incredible stress, boredom, anxiety, frustration, and exhaustion of this tumultuous year.

I want to express my extreme gratitude for each and every one of you who has supported the show this year. I have truly been honored by each and everyone who has been involved in this show either as a listener or a guest. The kind words, the stories of adventure, the motivation, and the wisdom shared with me through this year are things I will never forget and I hope by listening you have been entertained, enlightened, and motivated to live to an ambitious and contented life.

To wrap up the year I’m talking to one of the kindest, wisest people I know. Lindsey Ward is a family medicine doctor and has spent the year not only battling her own stresses but helping others with their anxiety as well. She is also my lovely wife!

In this episode Linz shares the advice she has given many patients this year about cultivating happiness and managing anxiety. We have a real open and honest (and hopefully weird and funny) conversation about our own strategies in dealing with anxiousness, stress, and anxiety.

I hope you guys enjoy the episode! Thanks again for everything you have done for this project through the year. I am truly in awe of the support and appreciate all of you!

Happy Holidays!


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