Like a Bigfoot

This week, I sat down with one of my best friends Brady Manriquez to tell him all about my experience filming the Desert RATS Stage Race earlier this summer.

In this episode, we talk about what the project has been like from my perspective, how the week was a culmination of a lifelong dream, how amazing it was to collaborate with my buddies/filmmakers, and the lessons I took away from the whole event.

As always it seems when I talk with Brady, our conversation is all over the place. There are lots of laughs, tears, and philosophizing on life.

Thanks again for everyone who contributed to the project on Indiegogo. There will be many updates along the way as we go through the editing process over the next year. I cannot wait for you all to experience this amazing event through our film!!

(SIDE NOTE: As much as I wanted to share tales of the incredible humans taking this thing on, I had to hold back so you can actually see their stories and feel the beauty of the trail through the film. So, in other words, this conversation is mostly about what it was like to film a six day stage race rather than the awesome adventures that came out of it for the racers!)


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