Like a Bigfoot

This week I’m chatting with Tonya Littlehales and Geof Hasegawa about their EPIC quest to ride their bicycles from Alaska to Argentina.

Twenty years ago they both decided to jump way outside their comfort zones to take this adventure on. They showed up to Alaska having little experience bikepacking and little experience in endurance sports and spent the next two years problem solving, battling mosquitos, camping, surviving blizzards and the unknowns as they figured out how to bike across two continents.

This episode is all about what they experienced, what they learned, and how they have applied these lessons to their lives afterwards. We also discuss adventure just becoming part of who you are and how it expands your view of the world.

I hope you enjoy the episode as these two are truly wonderful people who I am proud to have crossed paths with!! And I hope it inspires in you the same sense of adventure talking with Tonya and Geof stirs in me!


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