Like a Bigfoot

This week we are joined once again with Travis Steffen (episode 10) .  Travis is a successful entrepreneur and athlete working in the heart of the insanity that is Silicon Valley.  Through the last ten years he’s created multiple businesses from scratch, played college football, pursued MMA, fought in Thailand, completed triathlons and ultramarathons, climbed mountains, competed in body building competitions and so on and so on.

How was he able to step up and confront all of these challenges?

Travis attributes his success to regimented discipline, daily goal setting, and a focused mindset on success.

On this episode Travis shares his intense morning routine, his affinity with lists, what drives him to set lofty goals, how he visualizes a “life trophy case”, his hilarious experience running his first marathon, and how he plans on finishing his first 50 miler.

We also reopen the “City Slickers 1 v. City Slickers 2” trial….in which I present some very damning evidence.

As are most of my conversations with Travis, this one is all at once enlightening, silly, inspiring, highbrow, lowbrow, and brings a smile to face!


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