Like a Bigfoot

Ridiculously excited this week as we welcome Adam Casey to the podcast!

A month ago in Nederland, Colorado I spent a few hours running with Adam.  We were cruising along, chatting and instantly I knew I wanted him to share his story on the podcast.

Because, quite frankly, Adam’s lived a life.  His journey to where he is now, a computer programming major at University of Colorado, has been unconventional.  He’s been a former Mizzou football player, a U.S. marine, a biologist, a cancer survivor, and, most recently, a sky diving badass.

He also started the nonprofit I Do It For Her which supports under-privledged children in the Saint Louis area and individuals with lofty life goals who believe that “the best weapon in a world deterred by the risk of failure are individuals who are willing to accept the challenge to better themselves through adversity.”

On this episode Adam shares stories from his time attempting BUD/S training ….or to us common folk Navy SEAL training.  Commonly known as the absolute hardest training cycle in the world, Adam paints a picture of day to day life, describes a few of the extreme mental, physical and emotional obstacles a trainee faces, and explains why he NEEDED to attempt it (even while concealing a debilitating illness).

This one gets real and gritty.

Life is all about the journey, the peaks and valleys, and, unfortunately, Adam has been forced into exploring the deepest depths of the valleys.  As an eternal optimist, I can only believe that his new chapter of life is in Colorado to give him the opportunity to start adventuring up some peaks!

Thanks again to Adam for chatting with me and for everyone who listens week in and week out.  Super grateful for you!

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