Like a Bigfoot

This week’s episode is a great one if you are the person who has thinks to yourself “running a half marathon looks super cool, but I’ll never be a runner… so there’s no point of even signing up.”

Matt Rackers is fresh off of finishing his very first half marathon and, while he may currently be limping around like a John Wayne, he’s feeling pretty dang good!  Bucket list item=complete!

In this episode we discuss the guts it takes to take the first step in any goal, running without the classic “runner’s body” (he’s almost 6’6″), learning how to pace yourself, the importance of setting goals, inspiration vs. jealousy, and letting go of your ego as both your wife AND your mom effortlessly run by you during the race.

Matt is my youngest cousin and has always been one of my best friends.  Although he may not be a stupendous runner (yet), he’s a tremendous athlete having played college football and is one of the only people I know who can do a full pistol squat.  He spends his days managing his own business, taking care of his two dogs Bella and Bill Murray, and constantly setting the bar of what it means to be a kickass husband to his wife Lauren.  In short, definitely tune in to this one because, as he does for me every time we talk, he will inspire you to be a better person.

(P.S- “Like a John Wayne” was initially a typo…but I loved it so much…look for “” soon!)