Like a Bigfoot

Life is all about energy. (As a science teacher I nerd out over this concept)

And the strange thing is this: we have a finite amount of energy.

You need to be conscious about how you are spending your energy.

I recently (literally 2 minutes ago) heard this quote from filmmaker Kevin Smith:

“In the same time you are wasting s****ing on things on the internet, someone else is spending their energy moving towards their dreams.”

Be aware of how you are spending your energy.

Let’s play a quick game of “would you rather”:

Would you rather criticize, critique, “hate”, rip down something someone else has created OR would you rather use that time to pursue one of your own dreams?

Would you rather be a curmudgeon always blasting people for following their dreams…”that’ll never work”, “just wait, that’ll sure blow up in their face” or would you rather become a support system, assisting people throughout their journeys?

Would you rather be a “why” person (“why the hell would they do that”, “what’s the point”) or a “why not” person?

Would you rather be an armchair quarterback or the guy in the damn game?

Would you rather waste hours upon hours complaining about something out of your control or spend that time doing the things you CAN control (self-improvement, relationship building, adventure seeking)?

I sure know my answers.