Like a Bigfoot

Have you ever day-dreamed about quitting your job, selling your stuff, minimizing your life and hitting the road in the pursuit of adventure?

To most of us this will forever remain a day-dream, existing in the back of our minds with the rest of the “somedays”.   To Annie and Luke Perkins this has become their reality.   Having set out on the road, they have embraced a nomadic lifestyle adventuring around our beautiful country in their pop-up camper lovingly named “MuleHawk”.

On this episode we discuss how to overcome the fear of “taking the leap” towards a dream,  the day to day routines of camper life, the importance of embracing a wanderlust mindset, and how they maintain a loving relationship while packed in such tight quarters.

To me, Annie and Luke’s story is a reminder that the time to pursue your dreams is NOW…right now.  Not tomorrow…not “when the time is right”, but right now.  Whatever your dream may be.  There will never be the “perfect time”,so ignore the age old adage of “when I have____ then I will ____”, give up the excuses (you will think of PLENTY) and start the pursuit today.

If you are like me and crave daily inspiration then I highly suggest you follow the journey of MuleHawk at, their Facebook page and youtube channel.